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Lanterns on Chelsea Creek highlight ongoing chemical problems

Visualizing environmental justice on the Chelsea Creek

Researchers from Northeastern, the MIT Media Lab and Chelsea's GreenRoots worked with local teens from along Chelsea Creek to graphically illustrate ongoing chemical discharges into the river, which basically serves as a funnel for most of the Boston area's heating oil, jet fuel and road salt.

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Science and art and communications - kudos to these h.s. students and those working with them for examining and highlighting this serious problem.

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Can't tell you how many dumb developers and architects have pitched waterfront projects along the heavily polluted Creek.

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Keep at em. You'll be swimming in a couple of decades if you can just get a leash on Exxon.

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How many houses still use heating oil?

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When I see articles like this I'm even more committed to blocking any new natural gas pipelines into the area.

No compressor stations! Evil! Dangerous!

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