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Michael Flaherty not ruling out another run for mayor; says some donations would make his decision easier to make

In e-mail to supporters this morning, at-large City Councilor Michael Flaherty said he is "keeping my options open" about running to replace Marty Walsh as mayor.

Flaherty, who ran for mayor against Tom Menino in 2009, then adds, though, that unlike certain other candidates he could name, he doesn't have a large war chest, so:

In the upcoming days, we’ll see who is running for mayor. If I feel that the candidates aren’t addressing the issues of concern that I feel matter to voters, I’ll throw my hat into the race. I want the decision to be based on issues and not funds or lack of funds.

The next mayor faces many challenges and needs to be ready to hit the ground running. I feel well prepared regarding the issues and challenges. What I don’t have is the large campaign war chest that those who were running against Mayor Walsh have amassed. Would you please help me catch up by making a donation today?

According to his latest finance filing, Flaherty had nearly $200,000 in the bank as of Dec. 31. This compares to Michelle Wu's $536,000 and Andrea Campbell's 514,000. Even combined, though, all these amounts are dwarfed by the $6.2 million Marty Walsh reported having on hand at the end of the year.




Between him and Gross.

Also I wonder who the Firefighters would back, as they backed Flaherty in his run against mumbles, who then screwed them over for the remainder of his tenure.


I'm sure his anger with the firefighters had absolutely nothing to do with them spitting on his wife as he arrived at wherever he was giving his state of the city address that year.


He wasn't buddies with pedophile police union leader Patrick Rose like Gross was.

Many people were friends with Rose and no one knows what happens behind closed doors so don’t go there because we all know you must live a perfect life along with your perfect family make sure to look in the mirror because you’re family and your life can change in an instant. Sorry for the people that Rose abused but people he knows aren’t friends of his anymore

Five-car Flaherty needs to go away and let a fresh generation of leadership take the reins. No one is interested in your reactionary, stagnant views on the issues.


selling one of his five cars?


Why? His wife and kids use them.

Because he is the one asking for hand outs. Cars are not necessary in a city so sell some of them.

He isn’t asking for handouts. Do what works for you and MYOB about others rationale for having a car.

How does one transport his kids to hockey games in Wilmington, Quincy, and Hingham? How does one coach youth sports and give kids on the team a ride to the games and practices? How does one transport materials from Home Depot to make repairs and improvements to his home? Stop telling others how to live their lives.


Explain how you need five cars to accomplish those errands.

Presumably he can take the home improvement supplies out of the car before he needs to bring the kids someplace.

He, his wife and 4 children use the 5 cars. He doesn’t have 5 cars for himself.

It will be sizable field, maybe not like 2013 but a good number. He has run city wide many times, has an organization and can raise money. How he fares in the final would depend on who he faces. A big question is where do all the Walsh people go? The unions, especially the building trades, and his people in city hall.

Can the citizens of Boston please elect an actual person of color for mayor, already?


That’s not too racist.


if you actually think my comment was racist. You should, oh, I don’t know, maybe read a book occasionally?

The political machine from the busing days to the 1980’s &1990’s are long gone.. I will be voting for a candidate who was born in the 1980’s not someone who has been working for the city since the 1980’s .The city needs to go forward not backwards.

And if I said something like “Aren’t there enough people of color in city government?” or “Do we really need another person of color right now?” would that be racist?