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Man charged with shooting on a T bus in Mattapan

Transit Police report arresting Ricardo Blake, 35, of Mattapan on charges he's the guy who ended an argument on an MBTA bus on Morton Street Monday by shooting the guy he was arguing with.

Police say Blake was formally charged with, among other things, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was arrested this morning on the industrial stretch of Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park.

Innocent, etc.

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Were other people on the bus? The driver and any passengers could have got hit by that bullet. Hope the victim recovers ok and this one of the many safety reasons among other why there's a shortage of bus drivers. But nobody's governing the MBTA.

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I wasn't there but there are usually a lot of people on the 21 bus at that time of day.

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IANAL so I guess it has to do with intent … if you shoot someone in the leg you don't intend to murder them so they just stick you with ABDW? Still, shoot a gun at someone and it seems like you could get intent.

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It was the argument to end all arguments on MBTA buses.

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