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Citizen complaint of the day: Huge wasps build giant nest in Jamaica Plain

Large wasp's nest

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about a wasps' nest that has all of McBride Street buzzing.

Giant wasps nest with huge wasps sitting very low in the tree. ... Wasps have white tips on their bodies.


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Sorry, I'll see myself out.


Shouldn't W.A.S.P.s have frosted tips on their antennae?


Well done. Thank you for the laugh

There must be a reason they decided to populate there. Experts advice and info needed. I don't think toxic chemicals are the solution.

It's the kind of place they like to build nests. As for a 'solution' - none is needed. Unless the tree is in a daycare playground or someplace that the hornets create a problem, leave it alone. They'll be gone next year.


and spiders and all sorts of things. If they're living there, it's because there's food in the area. Probably eating the caterpillars out of people's gardens...

which is actually a non-yellow type of yellowjacket, not a hornet, but whatever.

They’re not aggresive (as yellowjackets go), don’t like the same foods humans do (which is one of the reasons yellowjackets are usually such pests), and they abandon their nests every year.

honestly, its likely that theyre better off left where they are, unless the nest is so low that its in danger of being bonked into by someone.


The Peters Hill portion had 4-5 trees fenced off due to the giant nests.

Any one know why they wait until August to build these monstrosities? Why don't they need the nests in mid-summer?

The timeshare isn't available until now.


they just continue to build the nests continually from the spring onwards, so they just get bigger with time. the queen lays eggs in the newly built chambers. as summer goes to fall the queen will birth the next generation of queens, they go off to find a spot to spend the winter and everyone else dies off at the first frost.



neat / kinda horrifying info

bees, hornets, wasps ?

Bees aren't predators, wasps and hornets are.


but not vice versa. Hornets are a sub-category of wasps. Yellowjackets are another.


...I'm giving all of them a wide berth.

Lots of bees are very non-aggressive!! They're super important for the ecosystem and native bee populations (aka not the imported honeybees but the ones our native plants and trees rely on) are in danger of population collapse from the use of pesticides and other chemicals. I 100% get being afraid of aggressive wasp species but please don't spread fear about bees, they need our support :(

If its actually a Bald Faced Hornet (which is what it sounds like) I am not sure where you are getting the not aggressive part. I have dealt with two nests before and those suckers will sting the heck out of you if you look at the nest funny! I was literally 50+' away and then came after me for getting too close! Maybe its just me but I have known them to be super aggressive especially as the weather starts to cool down going into September (pissed off at their pending winter demise I guess...)


They built a nest in the bushes along our front walk in Virginia and I sat down about 1-2 meters away to watch them for like 20 minutes. A couple of them bumped into me, which I later learned is a signal meaning "get outta here!" but none of them attacked.

Probably they vary in aggressiveness. Or maybe you were dressed like a bear or something. (I'm not kidding. This is a thing with honeybees, and is why beekeepers wear white...)

Are you sure about them not being aggressive? We used to get white faced hornets nests on my house every year growing up in the woods of central Mass and they were extremely aggressive. I got stung on multiple occasions and it sucked ass. They don't lose their stingers, so they can sting you multiple times. I also remember the exterminator telling us that if you spray their nest with a steady stream of pesticide they will follow it to your hand and sting you. They will do the same thing with the beam of a flashlight if you try to do it at night.

A sniper easily could take that thing out from the roof of a nearby three decker. Just tell all the neighbors to stay inside for a few days while the wasps go apeshit.

I heard they also look you up on Facebook to see who you friends are so they can attack them also.


That's a myth. Nobody on Facebook is under 60 years old. These things only live for a few months.


We'll see a group of stupid TikTokkers hit it with a baseball bat soon.

You can say, "Awn it like a hawnet."


Many things that appear to be wasp nests are actually government surveillance cameras, Anti-government patriots should watch for these nests, and when one is encountered should disable the camera by standing underneath the nest and thrusting a stick into the hole at the bottom.


Coat oneself in a sugary syrup prior to disabling the device owing that any images taken by the camera will be distorted in your act of Freestateness.


Huge WASPS build nests on beacon hill.

This sure looks like an elephant poking out from the branches.

1. Walk on the other side of the street.

2. Hit it with a hockey stick and run.