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At least the driver had an overhang to keep him dry while waiting for troopers and the tow

Truck stuck at a bridge on Soldiers Field Road

Javi came upon this freshly storrowed box truck on Soldiers Field Road inbound, just before it turns into Storrow Drive, around 10 a.m.

The logistics company that owns the truck is based in the Raymond Flynn Marine Park in South Boston.


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How should a company based in [shuffles papers] Boston, Mass. know about the peculiarities of driving a truck on a road in [shuffles papers] Boston, Mass?

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Good thing it isn't a climate protest!

Driver would go to jail!

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It isn’t as if the driver could’ve taken the pike + tunnel that basically leads to within a block or two of the Marine Industrial Park or anything.

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Perhaps it’s hiring out of towners…

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Could be a case of the truck being under the height limit when fully loaded down, but being too tall when empty on the way back home.

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Even a truck that fits under the bridges is still not allowed on this road.

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Keeping it fresh indeed!

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Why don't they install immovable overhead I-Beams at the top of the on ramps and cause Storrowing to occur on the surface roads where it would be easier to tow from :-)

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