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Police say man who claimed he was highly contagious spits on nurses, security guards at Faulkner Hospital; could face 20 years in prison

Boston Police report a man asked to leave the emergency room at Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain yesterday morning after he became "loud and aggressive towards the staff" responded by getting even louder and more aggressive and began spitting on nurses and security guards while yelling he had "a highly contagious illness."

Guards tried to handcuff Kamari Hope, 36, at which point he began punching them, police say.''

Hope now faces arraignment on charges that include threats (deadly weapons, explosives, chemical or biological agents) - which by itself carries a maximum sentence of 20 years - assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery on ambulance personnel, disorderly conduct and trespassing, police say.

Police did not specify which illness Hope claimed to have, but few people these days threaten to infect others with measles or the mumps. Police also did not state what might have set Hope off, but this is not his first such arrest at a medical facility. In 2016, he was arrested on charges he beat and spit on a man in the parking lot of a Harvard Vanguard clinic in Braintree after that man asked him to move his car so he could back out of a parking space.

Innocent, etc.


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if Mr. Hope tries that tactic in the can, he won't be spitting up saliva.

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Wow that comment is offensive on so many levels. Jokes about prison rape are never funny. This comment should be deleted.

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One can hope that this man will receive the mental health care that he needs. (note to D.A.) Nor sure that means years of prison time.

Unfortunately, given the pressures upon many of us from the pandemic, there will no doubt be an increase in incidents of such horrible behavior.

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Nor sure that means years of prison time.

Assuming the report is accurate, the purpose of incarcerating this guy is not to punish him nor to reform him; it is simply to protect innocent people from further violent attacks by placing a secure physical barrier between him and potential victims. He should be provided with access to high quality mental health care, and be let out of his cage as soon as, but not until, he is reasonably determined to be not at risk to resume the violent behavior.

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Yeah, that's it. Smallpox.

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