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Teens driving around Boston with loaded guns in stolen cars, are caught when they crash, police say

Boston Police report arresting two teens on gun charges after one of them allegedly crashed a stolen car on Mission Hill early this morning, a few days after arresting another teen on similar charges after a stolen-car crash in Dorchester.

According to police, officers on patrol on Mission Hill spotted a car "traveling at a high rate of speed" shortly before 12:20 a.m. today.

Officers activated their lights and sirens to conduct a traffic stop, but the motor vehicle sped up and failed to stop for several stop signs. The motor vehicle finally came to a stop after driving onto the sidewalk, hitting a parked car.

A database check of the car, now stopped at Parker Street and Parker Hill Avenue, showed it had been reported stolen, police say.

Officers recovered three loaded firearms from the motor vehicle: an American Tactical M1911 G1 .45 ACP with one round in the chamber and seven rounds in the magazine, a Taurus G3C 9 mm with one round in the chamber and nine rounds in the magazine and a Taurus PT809 9 mm, with one round in the chamber and thirteen rounds in the magazine.

Police arrested both teens in the car - one 17, the other 15, both from Roxbury - and charged them with being delinquent for unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers and receiving a stolen motor vehicle.

Separately, police report that around 12:10 p.m. on Friday, officers arrested a 15-year-old from Dorchester outside 10 Helen St. in Dorchester, after the officers came upon "a motor vehicle stopped on the side of the road with damage to two of the four wheels as well as the driver’s side of the vehicle:"

Upon approaching and speaking with the operator, later identified as the 15-year-old suspect, officers confirmed that the juvenile was an unlicensed operator and learned that the vehicle had previously been reported stolen. Upon removing the suspect, officers performed a pat frisk leading to the recovery of a loaded 9mm Smith and Wesson SW9VE handgun with an obliterated serial number from the suspect’s jacket pocket.

He was charged with being delinquent for unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm with altered serial numbers, possession of a large-capacity feeding device, receiving a stolen motor vehicle and driving without a license, police say.


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Before crash, they easily blend in with other drivers.

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We get nervous when our 16 year old is 5 .minutes late, and these kids are tooling around with guns in stolen cars. Ughhh.
So sad.

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If these kids had keepers who were willing (or able) to worry about them like you worry about your kids, they might not be doing what they did.

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"There I was, sitting in in my parked car, minding my own business, and - BAM!!! This guy comes out of nowhere, drives up on the sidewalk, and hits me!"

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