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Ethiopian restaurant in JP seeks BYOB license

Ethiopian Cafe, 377 Centre St. in Hyde Square, is seeking a license that would let diners bring in their own wine and beer.

The restaurant goes before the Boston Licensing Board on June 20 to request a BYOB license, which would allow customers to bring in one bottle of wine or up to 64 ounces of beer each - but they wouldn't be allowed to go out for a second bottle in the middle of their meals.

The city began offering the low-cost licenses - $400 a year - as a way to help out small restaurants in outer neighborhoods unable to afford the five-figure costs of a traditional beer and wine license in a city where the numbers of those licenses are limited by the state legislature.



We all know what happens when injera and beer mix in people's stomachs -- complete insanity. The BLB should think carefully about the consequences of their actions.

Seriously though, why have restrictions like "you can't go out for a second bottle in the middle of your meal" when there is no similar limitation on ordering a second bottle of wine or whatever in a restaurant with a license?

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