Long shuttered Hyde Square coffee place open again

Caffe Aromi

Caffe Aromi, on Centre Street in Hyde Square, re-opened this week, with the same unusual backless chairs with air holes it had when it shut in 2015.

It's in the space once occupied by the June Bug Cafe, which the landlord rented the space to after essentially forcing out Bella Luna and the Milky Way Lounge and Lanes - a sad reminder of which remains on one of the handles in the doorway to the basement where the bowling alley used to be:

Candlepin door handle



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I thought Junebug replaced

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I thought Junebug replaced Rhythm and Muse when it moved down the street? Bella Luna was the storefront to the far left, and definitely coincided with Junebug. Whatever. It's all the landlords fault.


Junebug was a disaster

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Aromi had really good coffee, in spite of the unwelcoming laptop parking vibe. It really wasn't that bad. Hopefully they'll find their character and become a more lively place. They should be cleaning up with that location. Stay open late!


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We are working on our vibe and trying to make our seats a little more comfy! We really want to include the community in some of our upcoming events, and new offerings, and menu. We’d love to hear from you regarding some thoughts on what you want to see in a coffee shop in JP! Please email [email protected] if you’d like to discuss anything. Cheers, The Aromi 2.0 Team

What's the status

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Of that massive pot shop that they wanted to put in the Bella Luna space?

Caffe Aromi

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I met my now husband there in 2013! Glad to hear it's back.