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So how warm was it today?

It was so warm that a couple people waded into Jamaica Pond - in swimsuits.

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Jamaica pond prohibits swimming, wading, and even dunking. The water is not that clean and has a very sharp drop off near the shore and lots of unseen vegetation and obstacles not that far below the surface that can be a source of entanglement. You can actually be ticketed for going into the water there if caught. Not wise. Ill-informed people. There have been numerous drownings there hence the prohibition.

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Thank you, Nanny. Without your Internet presence, we'd all kill ourselves before Patriot's Day.

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There is a reason why the city of Boston does not allow swimming in the pond. The water is not clean

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People swim daily at Walden Pond and it's a wonderful thing. Jamaica pond should be for the recreational use of the people. As someone who grew up on a lake, I'll never understand why many Bostonians freak out about the idea of people swimming in a public body of water.

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The water cleanliness isn't a big deal but it should be monitored if public swimming is to occur so it can be closed if harmful bacteria levels get too high.

At Walden pond they have an actual beach, emergency equipment, phones, etc. Boston doesn't want to build and maintain that and I don't blame them. Walden also has a pee-pee problem but that's not a reason to avoid it. (It is a reason to use the provided restrooms.)

Upper Mystic lake in Medford is probably the closest freshwater body with free public swimming. It gets pretty crowded in the summer.

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Peepee. Heehee.

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Walden also has a pee-pee problem

So you think that where there is pee-pee, there will be no poo-poo? Tests of public swimming pools say otherwise - where there is one, there will be found the other, and in significant amounts.

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Jamaica Pond is a concentrated puddle of goose feces. Walden Pond, not so much. Have fun with the parasites.

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We don't "freak out" about people swimming in "a public body of water", it's this specific body of water. Numerous people have died there over the years and many more have had to be rescued. It's not a safe lake and the public has decided we don't want to be on the hook for dragging risk-takers back to shore.

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The Mass Turnpike has certainly killed a lot more people than Jamaica Pond...

I know, denominators and all that, but "people have died there" is kind of a shitty basis for policy.

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Transplants --- cuz if you grew up around here, you'd know better.

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