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Boston City Hall gearing up for tomorrow

Boston City Hall colored purple tonight in honor of Michelle Wu's swearing in tomorrow

City Hall is lit up in purple tonight in honor of Michelle Wu's swearing in as mayor at noon tomorrow. Matt Conti captured the bird's eye view.

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it doesn't look hideous!


I've got to agree.


A much needed breath of fresh air for Boston & it’s people. Amen!


Livestream tomorrow at noon. www.boston.gov

From above, at night , draped in purple Boston City Hall actually looks quite nice.

Congrats to the incoming Mayor !


What does purple symbolize?

It's one of the main colors in Michelle Wu campaign paraphernalia

I see, so a bit of personality cult here.


I just see a building with some purple lights.

And imo it's a nice change from the usual played out colors like green or red white and blue or rainbows.

I see, so a bit of personality cult here.

Leave yourself alone for once. Having a favorite or signature color is hardly a sign of a "personality cult".


Four more years of obnoxious centrist dominion, and the picking of those who are already winners as bigger winners, which is precisely the result one should expect from two elections which both drew less than half of the electorate.

I hope she uses her powers to end zoning laws, end the Boston Licensing Board, take a hatchet to our police spending and staffing, and put Boston Latin on Zoom.

Then again, I'm sure none of that even crossed the minds of her or her supporters, which is why I voted for myself.

Since when is Michelle Wu a centrist?

Also, if you have some great idea to increase voter turnout, share it!


1) Lift left foot

2) Place on ground in front of you

3) Lift right foot

4) Place on ground in front of left foot

...you admit to not voting?

I never miss an election.

your therapist’s office


He'd have to yell all this stuff in public and/or at inanimate objects if not for this website.

When it was "Sir, this is a Wendy's."

I'll point out that you had several years to identify a candidate who's politics you agreed with and then work to support that candidate. But as always, that's a lot more work and less fun than just spending your time complaining about the people who actually bothered to put in any effort.


I work for a living and I don't have the same plurality of time for elbow-rubbing grabass with people who already have the free time, and then use it to get abusive dominionist politicians elected to advance their interests.

I'm sure you've heard the expression "The rich get richer." There's a reason why.

setting aside your characterization of Wu as a centrist – you consistently chastise establishment voters for not sharing your enlightened point of view, presumably because they have the time to engage in grassroots politics that you do not?


Newton has two rail lines and no 20-story towers near them, because Newtonians use their free time to go to meetings to stop you and me from having nice things for the sake of enriching themselves.

To be fair to Wu, she's as hamstrung as anyone else in her position. But it's on her to consider what the opposite of anything is, and maybe advocate for giving that a try, because what we've been doing is leading us increasingly in the wrong direction.

I work for a living and I don't have the same plurality of time for elbow-rubbing grabass with people who already have the free time

"already have the free time" lol. If you knew anything about campaigns, as in been within a mile of a campaign organization, you'd know that those people knocking doors and making phonecalls are overwhelmingly ordinary working people who are giving some of their "free time" to work to elect the candidate of their choice, while you use your "free time" to whine about it on UHub.

Oh -- and you don't have the first clue what the word "dominionist" means. I suggest you stop using it; you're just embarrassing yourself.


But sitting back and doing nothing, and then complaining that nothing is going the way you want, isn't going to get you anywhere. At the least, finding the candidate who represents your views as closely as possible, even if they're not perfect, and then helping to get them elected would do more to push the city in the direction you'd like it to go.

(also: it's pretty hilarious that a self-professed libertarian is complaining about the "rich getting richer". Shouldn't you respect the great job these people are doing of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to succeed despite the horrible governmental interference they have to overcome?)

I vote Libertarian when I can. My affiliation is, and always has been, unenrolled.

As for horrible government interference, it's government handing them the money through tax codes and corporate welfare. The winners like government, because they bend it to their will.


I'm only saying that because I saw a member of the Stringer Bell gang holding a copy in an episode of The Wire.

Prince has risen from the grave.


Microsoft Teams.

Which is ironic because the city runs everything on G-Suite.

Yes, they do use Google's Workspace extensively now. Boston.gov is Gmail with a fancy private label. Unfortunately, not all city staff are well-versed in it, and it seems that it is not a part of their job description to learn how to use it effectively.

That said their web offerings across various departments is not all the same contracted software vendor and there remain some inter-operability issues. Some data that you could find on the "old" city web site of a few years ago, has yet to be transferred over, and there is still stuff operating on the old platform.

I'm currently dealing with a city employee who doesn't realize which order the G suite messaging goes, despite each reply being timestamped. The person sent me a screenshot and is claiming the first message from a colleague (an initial misunderstanding) is "the most recent reply" and "the final answer."

This person is the supervisor of a city employee who didn't know how to open a .pdf and said I would need to print and drop off hundreds of pages of documentation.

It's the opposite of that in their hiring.