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Red Line derails at Broadway

Two cars hit a tunnel sidewall. The MBTA reports it's now running shuttles between JFK/UMass and Park Street.

Closeup of the damage. And a closeup of a bit of the station or wall embedded in the train.

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It's like 2015 all over. The blue and orange lines melted down yesterday and now a red line train derails

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Who looks at that damage and calls it a “20 minute delay”?

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Each tweet is attacked by the local TV news vultures who want some free cool pictures of MBTA damage but never get around to connecting the dots of how the system is held together by Scotch tape and people will die before too long and nobody in charge seems to care, but I understand their air time is limited and Brady and Gronk are coming back to town.

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I don't know why there aren't signs "Ride At Your Own Risk" to avoid liability payouts.... It's the right legal thing to do

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That will buff right out.

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Once again Uhub reports first

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for the MBTA

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Miserable packed shuttles for miles.

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Is JFK to Park Street the best shuttle route? It might be better to have some shuttles go to south station, one set go to Downtown Crossing, and maybe State Street. Going only all the way to Park Street would create more delays.

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I think the T's statement means "shuttle buses running replacement service between those points. Red Line rail still operating between Park St & Alewife to the north, and JFK to points south."
Depending on how many buses they can deploy and how quickly, and what origin-destination demand is... then, yes there are possibly more efficient combinations than having buses make all stops in sequence in each direction JFK - Andrew - Broadway - South Sta - DTX - Park. Perhaps they don't even bother making DTX a shuttle stop, since people can walk there easily from Park.
State St isn't a Red Line Station

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according to the alerts the T issued yesterday

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