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Sunset Cantina at BU could be re-opening

Boston Restaurant Talk gets the scoop.


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Now do Border Cafe in Harvard Square


was supposed to open at the Border this past spring. The place doesn't look anywhere close to opening.




fried ranch sounds like a terrible idea.

I don't know if the actual chicken had like dried ranch seasoning on it but it just came with a little cup of ranch dressing. So unclear what made it "ranch". But it was good!

could be that we're not talking about frying up some ranch dressing (again, sounds terrible), but that it's a ranch chicken, meaning it grew up on a ranch rather than a chicken farm, a true free-range bird.

I've heard from one person that it's supposedly really good. Or maybe Cindy just likes to randomly endorse sandwiches without actually liking them herself. Oh that Cindy.

I myself only take UHub food recommendations from verified accounts, never from anons (especially shouty ones).

It's GOOD. I didn't realize it disappeared from the menu, except I only seem to go there with beer people (or did).

But yes it was delish and huge.

We showed up on a Sunday evening and were surprised to find the place shuttered. Peering in the window, you could see condiment holders with mustard bottles still on the tables, but it definitely looked like it had been closed for a bit. Their last FB post was in April of 2022 and I couldn't find anything online saying when they had closed. As noted, around the same time, they started posting on FB, with a new logo, so I think they'll be reopening before too long.

The 5 or 6 times I have been there, the place was always hopping. I was surprised that if they survived COVID, they couldn't make a go of it afterwards.


I'm glad the article mentions the ownership change as I try to avoid all places that he is involved in. If you don't know why this is but one example of the sort of restaurateur he is.

Upon the suggestion of visiting one of his establishments: "I'd rather light the money on fire."

When you cap licenses, that's who you end up with in the bar ownership class.

I certainly hope so because I'm a B.U. hockey regular who hung out at the Sunset before and after games, especially after T's Pub closed down during the pandemic. Without the Sunset, there's no tavern option in the vicinity of Agganis Arena. Before the last game I had pregame beers at Tavern On The Square near Harvard Ave.