Man shot to death on Crawford Street in Roxbury

Boston Police report a man was shot at 42 Crawford St. in Roxbury around 4:30 p.m. Police say the man, in his late 20s, was found about a block away at 10 Howland St. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. WFXT reports he was shot while sitting in a vehicle.

He is Boston's second murder victim in 2019.




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Prayers for the victim(s)

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Friends, what can we do to address the gun violence in our city? How can we use this platform for action? For some good?

It's a new year with the same sad scourge.

We have very smart people in the city, and on UHUB, Let's build a dialogue.

I think people from ALL neighborhoods need to come together, in visible show of support.

A rally or standout.

Any other idea? Go.


Great idea , however

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I wish we had more data on the investigations of these firearm incidents. Ie 6 months later out the court system - what really happened “?— what was the root cause? — what sentence?? Where is this person going?

Dialogue doesn't work with

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Dialogue doesn't work with the gangs murdering each other.

Keeping kids from joining gangs and locking up members is all you can do.


Well ...

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You might want to Google "Boston Miracle" - which resulted in two straight years without a single teen being murdered. And then you might want to ask what happened to all the efforts that went into making that happen.


And then you might further

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And then you might further Google that crime dropped across the country and there may have been no “miracle” at all in this city but just a lucky statistical aberration.

Well, I can see you didn't Google it

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The miracle wasn't that crime in Boston dropped. The miracle was that no teenagers were murdered for two straight years. That's no longer the case in Boston.


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How many teens were murdered in 2017 and 2018 in Boston?

I read about this when there

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I read about this when there were those bunch of murders around thanksgiving or in October. They have a great model that made sense for what is going on. I wish they would bring the program back or something similar to it.

Honestly i think if there

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Honestly i think if there were more jobs in the inner city it could help. it wouldn't stop violence but it would slow it down. By giving kids a constructive way to make money instead of roaming the streets looking for ways to make money which leads to all types of violence. From breaking the law trying to get it to even killing for it. Talking could help depending on who it's coming from. Like ex gang members or ex street guys who's known but now doing something positive with something to show for it. Not just one thing is going to stop it, it has to be a gang of solutions and a community effort

I'm about a year n a half

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I'm about a year n a half removed from that life, wrapped up a bid a lil bit ago. I say to say this, I'm positive just by reading many of the comments on here that people have no idea what's going on in the street or why its happening. The Boston miracle worked because police threatened the gangs. They told them "if a body drops in your neighborhood we're gonna be on your whole hoods back everyday" even for the smallest things like jaywalking and little probation stuff. Those were also different times and a different kinds of people and gang members. It wouldn't work today. I know this because police used to try that with us when I was a young bull and if anything it made us be more active. As long as guys are killing guys will keep killing. It's not about territory or lack of jobs nowadays mind you Boston has probably the highest amount of organizations to help disadvantaged people and at risk youth. Its a cycle of pain and revenge and the mindset is this, if you kill my friend then there is no question or thought even before that horrible sadness and pain hits you,you already are thinking about revenge its almost robotic in a sense. The only way would be a citywide truce( it would also have to include some decks from brockton,chelsea as there's been tension and shootings/murders between certain gangs from those cities and gangs from Boston. It would surprise you how much) that last's for at least 5 years. That way a new generation of boys could come up far removed from that cycle of inherited pain and beef . It would just be like memory. I talk to these youths everyday this matter is close to my heart