Violent vaper punches Back Bay bar manager

A man didn't like being told he couldn't vape inside Stephanie's on Newbury Street, so after threatening the manager who asked him to stop, he pushed the manager into a high-top table, then aimed three three punches at him, landing at least one on the manager's temple.

Afterwards, the manager, several weight classes below the angry man, had to wipe blood off his face. But it wasn't his - his attacker managed to slice his hand open on something before winding up with his haymakers, the manager told the Boston Licensing Board today.

According to the manager, the guy was sitting at the bar on the evening of Jan. 6, when he pulled out a Juul or similar device and began puffing. He said he told the guy he couldn't do that and the guy said OK, no problem, he was leaving, anyway. The man got up, but instead of leaving, approached the manager at the restaurant service bar. He put his arm around the manager, in what seemed like a friendly gesture and asked him some innocuous questions. "I figured he just felt bad about smoking," the manager said.

But then the man put his hand at the back of the manager's neck, squeezed, leaned in and whispered "Do you think you could make it to your phone before you hit the floor?" The manager, well under 6' told the 6'2", 220-lbs. guy he needed to leave, now. The guy pushed the manager into a high top, then "immediately started swinging, connecting at least once.

A BPD detective told the board police found the guy and summonsed him to court on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the table.

The manager declined medical attention.



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It surely is, um, was

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Hopefully it's actually in English now.

And kids: Don't try writing up a licensing-board hearing while you're sitting in zoning hearings ...



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Well the bully clearly hasn't outgrown his childish ways. But please don't disparage Juulers here, we're already dealing with the loss of Mango flavored pods; we can't take anymore.

The assault before the battery was worse

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Big guy with hand on back of little guy's neck, and threatening to make him hit the floor. A simple throw to the ground there, in an instant, will cripple or kill.

If the allegations are true, the perpetrator needs to be kept away from society until he's had sufficient therapy.



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Gee, a smoker thinking it's all about him and not caring about second hand smoke. What a surprise.


well I guess

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he owned a lib or so he probably "thinks.". won't be worth it to him though. look for these magagas from the land o' maga to up the antics

He has been summonsed

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He's facing felony criminal charges.

The licensing board exists to consider whether a bar or restaurant could have done something differently to prevent a given situation. It can't order somebody arrested or imprisoned.

Adam is so patient and nice

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If this were my site, I wouldn't care if nitpicky comments helped the editing process. If some internet poster typed "that sentence is a mess" after my having spent hours reporting on a liquor license hearing, I would IP ban him instantly. Maybe I would even edit his old posts to make him suck even more.

Bad grammar is for movers and shakers, people with things to do. Good grammar is for losers.

Adam make me a Mod and I will exact vengeance on anyone who crosses you.


"Bad grammar is for movers and shakers, people

with things to do. Good grammar is for losers."

You don't really believe that, do you?

While I think I see what you're getting at, that editorial nitpicking can be smug and unhelpful, I imagine most professional writers will welcome reader feedback to the effect of, "I really struggled to grasp what you were getting at there."

Good grammar is for writers who respect their readers.


Yeah ok MC Slim JB

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Fortune 500 CEOs, hedge fund managers, politicians, and other people in charge of stuff NEVER have good grammar. Ever work for a large company? I have and would spend an hour crafting the perfect, grammatically correct email and the boss would maybe reply with a few word, mostly unintelligible. A CEO has better things to do than impress loser underlings and bad grammar is how they demonstrate their power. Jeff Bezos sends emails to employees with nothing but a question mark.

"But but Adam is a journalist!"

Yes but he is a mogul and business owner first and foremost. He has no need to put up with our antics and should have bad grammar as a sign of dominance. He already does it in his comments if you haven't noticed. He rarely uses proper punctuation and complete sentences.

Do I have to teach you something like every other day MC Slim JB? You gotta fend for yourself one of these days.

Hmm, I think the biggest company I ever worked for did

maybe $25B in annual revenue? I’ve mostly worked for smaller outfits. Haven’t known many execs with your casual disregard for writing standards, though.

The important thing is not grammar stickling, but attention to clarity. Nobody really cares iabout the small grammatical mistakes, but if somebody has to scan your sentence twice or three times to parse your meaning, that’s a failure to communicate. Even my CEO (we’re little, south of $1B, but growing fast) urges us to sweat that particular issue, especially if we’re customer- or partner-facing.

That said, I’m not carping at Adam. I only very occasionally point out small errors of fact that he seems grateful to correct. I think I get good value for money here, will remain a loyal customer.


As a professional writer ...

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I need to ask you to calm down a bit.

MC is right - I appreciate corrections, because my writing is how I get paid. The sad fact is, I've always found it difficult to proof my own work. Somebody points out a mistake and my reaction is usually along the lines of "damn, how did I miss that?"

In this case, though, my reaction was more like "Oh, FFS," because we weren't talking about a grammatical mistake or a typo, but something that was so horrendously bad I can't even call it a sentence. It deserved to be sent back to the Island of Misfit Clauses front which it came, and it deserved somebody pointing it out.


Yes I need to calm down

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I got a little carried away. Like the poster u-hub-fan, I am a huge fan of Universal Hub and get a little protective of this place when someone suggests it is anything less than perfect. I am going to give myself a self-imposed 24 hour ban on posting.

Kapil, I could not agree with

Kapil, I could not agree with you more. This is Adam's page. I can't believe how many people love to correct him. He has the patience of Job. I would ban SO many people on this site.

Good post

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An all around great post Lowermills02124. Couldn't agree more. Thank you. You should post more often.


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flounce/not flounce. 3 minutes prior to this post you said you were giving yourself a self-imposed 24 hr ban on posting.