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Citizen complaint of the day: A hare-raising sight at the Kenmore T stop

Rabbit in the Kenmore Square Green Line station

A concerned citizen filed a 311 request shortly after 7 p.m. yesterday about this micro-Harvey down on the platform at Kenmore:

A Baby bunny rabbit is trapped in the kenmore t station. He's so scared.

Ed. note: Maybe it was trying to get to Woodland?



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I hope it was able to get out!

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Take the Green line inbound to Government Center, change to Blue Line to Wonderland.

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Just take an outbound D train :-).

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...took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, I think.

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Put the bunny back in the box

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He was really looking for the hop-on, hop-off trolley.

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He's a train rapper -- hoping to give his big performance. His specialty is hip-hop.

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Leaked production photo from location filming for JJ Abrams' newest project - an Aesop reboot title The Red Line and The Hare

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did the 311 complaint assume gender?

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That's good food somebody didn't secure when taking to the kitchen.


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I know a guy who caught a few bunnies and kept them as pets. I think at least one was an orphaned baby. A few notes:

-I think he was able to house break one. He says the rabbit will use a litter box.
-He has had zero success with putting them together in the same cage because they will fight. He once put two together in the same cage and one rabbit ended up paralyzed from the waste down.
-He says that if you’re calm around them, you can get them to snuggle up with you on the sofa for a couple hours at a time.
-But you need gloves for handling them sometimes because they can scratch.
-And don’t make them upset and let them loose in your house because they are so good at hiding you may never find them. They can hide behind the TV for days without moving or making a sound.

This guy I know prefers the challenge of taking on a wild animal as a pet. Needless to say, he lives alone and is pretty lonely.

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Yeah, this is not recommended. Wild rabbits know their way around the wild on their own and probably don't do so well in not-the-wild. On the flip side, people often "dump" their domestic bunnies outside assuming they can fend for themselves (the can't). The bunny we adopted was originally found in a bucket next to a dumpster. So I suppose it's possible this guy took in abandoned domestic bunnies.

So, obvi since I care a lot about the wellbeing of all rabbits, does anyone know if this little dude got out okay?

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... living under my back deck in Hyde Park. They’ve asserted dominance over my big dogs and never, ever touch the garden in the side yard, so it’s been a peaceful, mutually beneficial coexistence. But they’re not allowed in the house.
My wife recently agreed that if I catch a wild horse and ride it to Boston I can keep it, so stay tuned. I’ve also never ridden (rode?) a horse.

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Looking for ways to recognize differences between a Hare and a Rabbit...

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Hares are generally bigger. And they have longer ears. Other differences, such as genetic ones, aren't readily visible.

For more details see

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... Hare is bigger and stands up taller on its legs. Rabbit is smaller and "bunchier" looking and belly pretty much contacts the ground.


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